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How To Grow Your Business With Color!

Color and Branding

Good business owner’s are always looking for ways to help their business succeed. One aspect of a good and healthy business is the design of its branding. The design and branding a business conveys to the public is crucial for a business’ success, and color is one aspect of brand design which is most critical.

If you’re still unsure, this video might convince you otherwise.

This short clip explains how color can be so powerful!

How color affects your client

Science is still discovering how color can psychologically affect us as a species, but from what we know today, color does subconsciously affect the human mind, and color if used correctly can increase a businesses long-term success.

One unconscious response large corporations often tap into is the clients desire to purchase more stuff! In fact it is commonly known that most large corporations use color in marketing to encourage spending.

Yellow, a color that can subconsciously elicit a happy relaxing mood, will encourage a customer to spend more. Walmart, Best Buy, Subway, Lays, these companies often use yellow for their main brands, because yellow is known to subconsciously encourage a shopper to buy more!

A graphic designer’s primary focus is to convey a business’ brand to a client through means of color and design, and if color is used correctly it will increase the business’ potential for value.

So, how is color used in design?

List of Colors and their Effects:

  • Yellow

Yellow is a bright and warm color, like the sun. Therefore, yellow can be either calming and or exciting! Walmart is known for using yellow in their branding to entice customers to purchase more stuff! Use yellows to entice your audience with feelings of calm and focus.

  • Red

Red ranges between warm and super hot, just like fire; fire is exciting! Use the color red for hot items or ideas, and use red for exciting portrayals of your business and merch.

  • Blue

Blue is a strong color. In nature blue is found in sky and ocean so it is sort of a dependable color! Electronics and websites are usually very dependable and often represented by blue, therefore use it often to represent strong foundations and ideas.

  • Green

Green is a natural color used primarily to represent nature. Green is exceptionally common in nature and so when humans see green it makes them feel refreshed and pure. Green is very common with holistic medicine and sustainable ideas.

  • White

White is a calmer color. White is used often in sleek and clean designs. Use this color when you want your audience to feel open to new experiences or focused.

  • Black

Black is a more mysterious color. Black is considered quite sleek and stylish. Use black if you want to entice or interest your audience with a popular new idea or product.

Extra Bits:

How good design goes a long way for any good business

If you need more convincing, watch this 30 minute video on how a business can profit from good design.

Do you need a redesign?

Aside from just color- overall design in any brand is important for business, and the amount of thought that goes behind a good design can be overwhelming and time consuming.

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