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5 Good Reasons You Need A LOGO

Your logo is your first impression, is the face of your business. It shows if you are
professional or amateur, expensive or cheap, trustworthy or shady looking, in the
end, someone who cares or someone who doesn’t. The good new is that you don’t
have to spend thousands of dollars like the big companies do. In the end, you
don’t want to put the face of your company in the hands of your nephew who just
graduated from high school.

Here, there are five key points for to have for your professional logo business.

  1. You want a logo that is SIMPLE. Simple logos are easily recognized and
    remembered easier. It can be completely unique without being complicated.

2)You want a logo that is MEMORABLE. You’re establishing your brand here
and you want your logo that creates impact, who represents who you really

3) You want a logo that is APPROPIATE. You want a logo who make a difference
to who is your audience and who’s you’re designing for. Colors and fonts that
are appropriate for a children’s toy store wouldn’t work for a professional
law firm.

4) You want a logo that is TIMELESS. You have to avoid the latest trends, a logo
that you may like today but it won’t look good a year from now. Will your
logo look effective in five, ten, twenty years from now?

5) Lastly, you want a logo that is VERSATILE. Many people forget to think about
when the logo is printed or in other media. How it will look in different sizes,
other colors, or even reversed.

Take your logo design as serious as you take other aspects of your business. A
great logo lets others know that you are professional and serious about your
business and creates an instant feeling of trust, and that is something that every
business owner needs.